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Styro-Tech saves Car Manufacturer £26,500 per month!

Case Study Overview:
Car manufacturers were using a corrugated cardboard solution for transporting over 1,000 car doors per month for body repairs in their after sales market. This cardboard solution contained cardboard inserts that were profiled on the shape of the door base, but were proving to be very labour intensive.

The inserts had a unit cost of 12 each and had to be assembled before being fitted in to the box, taking nearly 10 mins, coupled with a further 15 mins before they could finally drop the door in to the box carrier. Styro-Tech were invited to analyse the problem and develop a solution. As the doors where being shipped to various paint shops, Styro-Tech undertook several site visits, where they observed the production staff packing the doors.

The Styro-Tech Solution:
Having developed a single piece Polystyrene Solution, which was so designed that a car door could be slotted in to it, being so perfectly balanced it could actually stand up on its own, made the job so much easier and quicker to pack. The pilot solution was trialled for 4 months, all over Europe and the USA, and took 12 samples to get it absolutely right. This Polystyrene Solution removed the need for the initial assembling time, meaning it now only took 3 mins to pack the whole door into it's cardboard carrier, with a new resultant unit cost of only 2 each. This created a financial saving of 10 on each unit, and a time saving of 22 minutes per turn, creating a production cost saving of 16.50 x 1,000 doors per month.

The Outcome:
Styro-Tech have now been awarded a 2 year contract to supply this specialist polystyrene packaging solution to the car manufacturer, for the transport of their car doors.
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