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  Looking to have a working sample made to test your packaging needs?
There are fundamentally two types of samples:-

1) You can simply have a plan cut block piece or sheet of polystyrene cut to size, which will also help to show you the different grades.

2) You can use our design and development service, where we will design a bespoke working sample for you, specially shaped and profiled to your particular product.

All we need from you is either an actual product, a CAD drawing, or a sketch drawing, and we'll work on a design and development for you. Or you could just send in a sample of your current packaging and we'll see if we can improve on it, or simply quote you for the same thing.

Our sample making design and development are complimented by our CAD systems, CNC machines and our experienced engineers and production team. As we're sure you can appreciate, our sample service does carry a nominal charge, however, as long as you are committed to your project, we are more than happy to refund that development charge by giving you your money back on placement of your first order. (Only available on your first volume run.)

The fee for the design and development service is based on the development time to produce the CAD drawing, the programming and set-up time for the CNC machine, the machine running time, and operator costs to produce the finished sample. Styro-Tech are always happy to undertake a site visit, where we can observe your production staff packing your products, or see how your goods are being shipped, look at the damage you're experiencing, i.e. is it the same damage, or is it different on each product, is it something in-house causing the problem, are you packing the product wrong to start with, is it an operator problem, or a problem with the actual product you're selling? This diagnosis enables us to fully understand the breakage problems you're experiencing and find the most effective, and cost effective, solution for you.

We'll discuss the material density and grades of material, and suggest the best solution for your needs. This can have quiet a bearing on your transport costs / weight ratio. We'll actually produce a working sample that can be sent out in to the field and trialled. We can even advise on the development of your packaging solutions at your product design stage.

Call us now on 0121 520 6343 for our expert advice.

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