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Polystyrene - See Picture Here

Expanded & Extruded Polystyrene's are available in a range of different densities ( 10 - 40kg/m3 ) . A light weight cost effective packaging & insulation material used across a wide range of industries and packaging applications. Flame retardant materials are available at no extra cost, and are manufactured to using flame retardant in line with BS.3837 Part 1.

Polyurethane Foams
- See Picture Here

Polyether based Polyurethane (PU) foams are available in a wide range of densities (12 - 30 kg/m3), colours and specifications. Uses include packaging, industrial, automotive and acoustic, can be self-adhesive backed or plain. These are low cost foams, which tend to be used in less technologically demanding applications

Reconsituted Foams - See Picture Here

Reconsituted Foam (chipfoam) is produced using recycled scrap foam from various grades, and available in a range of densities ( 80 - 240 kg/m3 ) and colours.

This product is largely used in a high impact situation within lost cost packing.

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foams - See Picture Here

Plastazone, Evazote, Ethafoams are available in densities ranging from 18 - 300 kg/m3 and features include water and chemical resistance, energy absorption under impact and good insulation properties. Conductive, anti-static and flame retardant grades are also available. Can be self - adhesive backed or plain. Main uses include high value component packaging eg electronic, m.o.d and telecommunications industries. Sealing and gasket uses are also used, as well as sports and leisure applications

Material Density Range Additive Type Application
Loose Fill Various Standard Recycled Expanded Polystyrene Low Cost, Packaging Void Fill for irregular Shaped items.
Polystyrene 10-40 kg/m3 Standard Fr Additive (BS3837 Part1) Expanded Extruded Cost Effective General Packaging, Insulation & Display
Polyurethane Foam 12-30 kg/m3 Standard F.r Additive Antistatic Polyether P.U Foams General Purpose Protective Packaging
Polyurethane Foam H.L.B Standard F.r Additive Polyether High Impact
Protective Packaging
Reconstituted Foam 80-240 kg/m3 Standard Chipfoam General Purpose
High Impact
Low Cost Packaging
Polyethylene 15-120 kg/m3 Standard F.r Additive Antistatic Cross linked General Purpose
Dunnage inserts
Gaskets, Packaging
Plastazote 18-300 kg/m3 Standard F.r Additive Antistatic Closed Cell Cross Linked High Value Component Re-usable Packaging,
Case Inserts
Sealing Gaskets,
Sports & Leisure
Self Adhesives Various Standard Acrylic Modified Solvent Backing for most Foams

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